Fashion & Food synergy for sustainability - Results

R1. New contents to communicate sustainability in fashion & food.  

Collection and comparison of teaching experiences, workshops, research results focused on sustainability, in order to develop a new vocabulary to go beyond the term "sustainability" and specify the concrete different processes and dimensions which sustainability is made of.  

The word “sustainability” is overused and risks losing its meaning. It indicates actions linked to very different fields (environment, working conditions, cultural differences, etc.). It is time to go towards a new vocabulary able to express each of those dimensions and create awareness and advocacy among citizens and consumers.  

R1 - Glossary of sustainability for Fashion&Food


R2. New training guidelines for teachers.  

Reference tool for teachers and researchers to adopt new training modules in courses for students.  

The guidelines will collect tested experience, with attention to continuous teaching and learning evaluation.  

R3 New course modules for University degrees.  

Creation of tested brand-new contents for HE university students (BA/MA). The learning content will be organized in modular units that can be implemented in a flexible way.

R4. Training modules for the community.  

Training modules for professionals and adults for their lifelong learning, based on the university ones (R3). The learning materials will be suitable for e-learning and or blended learning.  

18th January 2024

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22th March 2024

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