The ModaCult Center has helped to explore the concepts behind the brand identity of  DigitAlly. A cognitive and ideational analysis revealed the strengths and weaknesses of the proposal with respect to the macro themes: CONCEPT, PRICING, BRAND IDENTITY, AWARENESS ON THE WORLD OF WORK, VISIONING, which the promoters used for the implementation of the pilot edition of the project. 

DigitAlly was originally aimed at the empowerment of young people between 18 and 29 years who have completed secondary school or recent graduates who had not yet identified their career path. 

The learning of digital tools is a means (enabler) to engage the participants in conscious learning, increasing their chances of employability and the acquisition of soft skills. No predetermined skill levels are required: the target is young people with average profiles who are still in the process of defining their own career paths. The course combines practical workshops and a paid internship, supervised by two facilitators ("Virgilii"). 

The survey returned feedback on the concept and the pricing of the project to define the best market positioning strategy, with a focus on communication aspects.