Women and ethical fashion

The research aims to study the changes that have occurred in the fashion sector where an ethical production and consumption model is spreading in open contrast, on one hand, with purely ostentatious consumption styles and on the other with the popularity of the “disposable”. 

Often, women play (or have played) an important role, not only in initiating business and creative activities inspired by these principles, but also in driving consumer groups, research centres, academies and universities, media in order to encourage the flow of information, the promotion of entities that produce garments according to an ethical supply chain, the training of specific professional figures, the rise of opinion movements. 

The aim is to bring into focus this multi-faceted world, identifying the most significant entities and protagonists, in order to reconstruct a snapshot, as complete as possible, of this phenomenon in Italy. 

Database on sustainable textile-clothing (ethical fashion) companies:  
As part of the project "The role of women in ethical fashion," the work of collecting and storing information on companies that implement sustainable practices, in a broad sense, has been resumed. The database is continually updated.