"Behavioural-Change: Perspectives for the stabilization of virtuous behaviours towards sustainability" (Be-Change​​​) is a research project of the University (line D3.2), developed between 2021-2023, under the scientific supervision of Emanuela Mora, Lecturer in Sociology of Communication of the Political and Social Sciences faculty. 

The main objective of the project is to find an answer to crucial questions, imagining and laying the foundations for an innovative and inclusive post-Covid future:  What has changed in the behavior of individuals during the pandemic? To what extent can we say that attention to the urgent issues of environmental and economic sustainability has increased, on the part of individuals, groups, and political decision-makers? Is it sensible to expect a stronger inclination towards solidarity as an immediate response to worsening inequalities? How many of these behaviors, undoubtedly initially forced by emergency provisions, are turning into lasting attitudes that we can observe. 

The strong point of the project, in addition to its aspiration to unitarity, is the multidisciplinary nature of the research, which involves 14 Departments and 7 Faculties, ranging from the purely humanistic areas to the sociological, psychological, pedagogical, linguistic, economic, legal and political sciences. In addition, researchers will benefit from the collaboration and expertise of colleagues from thirteen universities on an international scale. The goal is to identify and understand the complexity of a change in progress, which requires an elaborate interdisciplinary study to provide effective explanations of it.