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Be- Change - "Behavioural-Change: Perspectives for the stabilization of virtuous behaviours towards sustainability".

It is a multidisciplinary project born to seek answers to create an innovative and inclusive post-Covid future. The aim is to intercept the complexity of an ongoing change through questions about new behaviours, attention to solidarity and environmental and economic sustainability. Under the scientific supervision of Emanuela Mora, 14 Departments and 7 Faculties were involved

Glossary of sustainability - Fashion&Food “Fashion&Food synergy for sustainability”

It is the first available glossary, constantly updated and freely accessible, designed to understand the concept of sustainability, interpreting terms and themes of increasing importance for the fashion and food sectors. It aims at advancing the international debate on the most urgent challenges concerning themes such as the environment, the available resources, the respect for workers rights, etc

Master (I level) in Communication for the wine sector and the territory

This is a Master oriented towards working in the communication of the wine sector, a sector that is economically strategic and requires professional specializations in the field of communication and promotion. With a multidisciplinary approach, the multiple aspects of the world of wine are addressed by combining historical and cultural knowledge with traditional and digital communication tools.

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