The Center

Centro per lo studio della moda e della produzione culturale (ModaCult) is a research center of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan, dedicated to the study of the «cultural and creative industries» or all those entities capable of combining the symbolic and functional dimensions with the capacity to generate value. In addition, the research center actively contributes to the international debate on the role of cultural and creative enterprises in local development and improvement.

Fashion is a particularly significant part of cultural production, a sector where creativity and business focus coexist. However, there are other traditional creative and cultural industries that are relevant here, such as: food, beauty, design, architecture, and other sectors whose production processes center around culture and creativity. All of these contribute to define the identity of Italian entrepreneurship in the world, rebranding Italy and its economic value.

These sectors, which are becoming more and more important to the economy and daily life of modern cities, have been the focus of ModaCult researchers since its beginning. ModaCult staff research the entire production processes of cultural and creative industries, from design to production, communication and consumption, taking into account sociocultural factors and paying close attention to sustainability concerns.

The research centre is specialized in qualitative research aimed at understanding the symbolic, manifest and latent functions of social phenomena.

ModaCult has an international reputation for the study of cultural production. Within Italy it stands out for its partnerships with numerous companies and its wide, international network of university research centers.

The Centre intends to: 

- Stimulate scientific debate through publications and conferences 

- Develop interdisciplinary research and collaboration projects, nationally and internationally 

- Plan training courses 

- Support the creation of networks between companies, schools, universities and research centres, including on-site consulting.