Fashion Tales

In 2012 ModaCult launched the first edition of Fashion Tales: an international conference which addresses the theme of fashion as cultural production and driving force of the transformation of contemporary cities, involving leading Italian and international scholars and opinion leaders in the field. 

Since its first edition, Fashion Tales has, on the one hand, triggered a debate on the hot topics of fashion culture such as: the new forms of web 2.0 communication, sustainable fashion, the challenges to the dominant models of femininity and masculinity, and the contamination between Western and Eastern cultures. On the other hand, it has favored transversal and multidisciplinary project design and exchange between professionals with very different experiences, skills, and roles, such as fashion designers, PR, advertisers, buyers, companies, journalists, researchers.

The second edition in 2015, drawing inspiration from theme of Expo 2015, "Feeding the planet. Energy for life," encouraged reflection on the practices of consumption, production, innovation that nourish the imaginary of contemporary fashion. Scholars, designers, museum curators, opinion leaders and business professionals from all over the world met to share ideas, research, and methodologies, with a focus on reconstruction of the collective imaginary that, in the world of fashion, effects the sustainability of production and of the consumer’s lifestyle.

"Politics through the wardrobe", the third edition scheduled for 2020 and postponed to 2021 due to Covid-19, was centered around the relationship between fashion and politics, with the aim of discussing both fashion policies and how fashion and issues of political and social relevance affect each other.

Fashion Tales has become a reference point for the international community of fashion scholars because of its ability to foster the study of fashion in connection with wider issues affecting our society.