Economic and financial databases

The ModaCult Center, in collaboration with Blumine srl, can carry out analysis of the key economic indicators, concerning premium and luxury of “Made in Italy,” through data processing from public and private economic and financial databases, including ORBIS, ISTAT, Eurostat, UNComtrade, such as: 

• market size and identification of the boundaries of luxury and premium definition by product sector. 

• Sales trends measured by producer prices 

• Consumption trends (quantitative-qualitative data) 

• Demand trends in the main markets (domestic and main foreign markets) 

• Import penetration in the Italian and European markets 

In addition, we can conduct analysis of the competitive landscape for Made in Italy fashion companies, also with respect to sustainability objectives and requirements imposed on the different parties of the production chain. 



Database of sustainable textile and clothing companies 

This collection and archive of information on companies that implement sustainable practices, with a focus on start-ups, was launched as part of the project "The role of women in ethical fashion."  

The database is continuously updated, with a direct relationship to the research.