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Groves Brian, Reflections on performance at work

Groves reflections


Theatre represents the immediacy of performance. Yet performance is not restricted to the theatre.

Whatever we do includes an element of performance. From this perspective, daily each of us is figuratively on stage - in the spotlight - as we perform our tasks, chores and duties.

As one progresses at work, as the stage gets bigger, the need for ongoing learning increases thus underlining the importance of continuing professional and personal developement.

Taking this notion as the starting point, this work is a collection of reflections on various aspects of performance in the widest possible sense of the word.

The work also includes a performance case study showcasing the efforts of one man, assisted by a cast of dedicated supporters, to raise money for a charitable organization.

The endeavour moves from the rehearsal phase - taking in along the way observations regarding preparation, training, stage props and logistical considerations - to the eventual execution and subsequent performance feedback.

Autore: Groves Brian

Collana: Quaderni CIT - Centro di Cultura e Iniziativa Teatrale Mario Apollonio

Anno: 2012