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Groves Brian, Personal performance potential at work

Groves potential


Throughout his previous book Brian approached workplace performance from the perspective of the theatre, attempting to illustrate the connection between work anche the world of drama and dramatic texts.

Here now the emphasis in on one's personal performance potential, for the sake of satisfying an audience comprised of our stakeholders at work.

Being clear about our part, learning what needs to be learnt, practising it, anche ultimately undertaking the part, are all examined initially to provide a framework for the subsequent chapters of the book.

Regardless of the formal title attached to our work, the concept of each of us being the leading man of woman in the production called "Our Life" is investigated here.

In support of this, a case study is included to highlight a moment of personal performance potential at work.

Autore: Groves Brian

Collana: Quaderni CIT

Anno: 2014