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Groves Brian, Performance skills at work

Groves 6

Taking the workplace as the stage on which we perform daily, in this book Brian explores personal competences and interpersonal abilities described here as performance skills.
Emphasizing how their application can assist us in delivering our potential, these people or soft skills are set out in a systematic manner. Exercises for the reader are also included.
Additionally, the book has a chapter on the issues of values, offering a perspective of work aligned to a collaborative approach for the sake of reaching individual and organizational goals.
A case study highlights the use of the performance skills by exploring the work dynamics in Downton Abbey, the hightly acclaimed television period drama, with attention placed on the three Crawley sisters compared to three real people.
In conclusion further elements, often present whilst going about our work, are examined: time management, perseverance and success.

Autore: Groves Brian

Anno: 2015