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Groves Brian, Elements of theatre at work.



Theatre is more than what we see on stage.
What is visible once the curtain has been raised is the fruit of much work, consisting of learnt skills, precise activities, detailed preparation and application, all geared to the single objective of producing the best possible performance, time after time after time.

This offering examines a number of ideas associated with the stage, used on a daily basis in the workplace. They are referred to here as "elements of theatre".

A personal analysis of three dramatic texts realated to the word of work - Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller, Glengarry Glen Ross by David Mamet and The History Boys by Alan Bennet - is provided to illustrate the elements at work.

From the preparatory phases of any endeavour, to the feedback and eventual learning opportunities deriving from post-performance reflection, it is shown the giving of one's best is achived not by luck or good fortune, but rather through a systematic use of the elements of theatre.

The result is a survey, conducted with a small group of professionals operating in different business sectors, are also included within the pages of this work. These provide further input on the communication and performance issues highlighted here.

Autore: Groves Brian

Collana: Quaderni CIT - Centro di Cultura e Iniziativa Teatrale Mario Apollonio

Anno: 2010