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Groves Brian, Coaching, performing and thinking at work

Groves Coaching 2013


Through a series of reflections, this book explores aspects of development, placing specific attention on coaching, performing anche thinking at work.

The business trend in which the so-called coaching culture replaces the command and control culture of the past is referred to here, witnessed by the number of companies and institutions implementing coaching programmes to help their stakeholders fulfil their potential.

With reference to performing at work, focus is placed on a basic fact: to perform at our best we need to be our best. Barriers between us and our best performance are examined, together with other elements influencing our effectiveness.

Regardless of our role, we are engaged in the work process to add value through our active, thoughtful partecipation. Thinking at work is thus considered here.

A case study is included to highlight the aforementioned topics, with emphasis on the impact of coaching on one's professional and personal life.


Brian Groves

Autore: Groves Brian

Collana: Quaderni CIT

Anno: 2013