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In this editorial published on Science, our doctoral student Marta Pizzolante reflects on how she combined her passions as an interdisciplinary researcher

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What opportunities do virtual worlds offer for learning and training? The METAVERSITY project aims to explore the potential and challenges presented by immersive virtual and hybrid phygital education. Discover the project's goals!

What are transformative experiences?

What are transformative experiences? In this article just published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, Prof. Chirico and her research team analyze the vast literature that has dealt with this phenomenon, ranging from anthropology, philosophy, pedagogy and mysticism, to arrive at a psychological definition of these events.

What is User Experience and why is it important?

The growing demand for experts in this discipline is motivated by the realization that designing optimal experiences for one's customers/users is yes an accelerator of business goals but also contributes to the positive evolution of society. In this article published in Cattolica News Prof. Andrea Gaggioli explains why UX is the future of digital.

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