Research vision

In the post-Covid world, the significance of understanding communication and the psychological impact of digital media has been amplified. The pandemic underscored the vital role of effective communication, the repercussions of a poor communication culture, and the necessity to take psychosocial factors into account within communication processes.

As our living environment swiftly evolves into a digital ecosystem, it influences individual, interpersonal, and societal dimensions. To navigate this world, we must reevaluate communication and adapt to the ongoing digital transformations. For instance, the "phygital" concept—melding physical and digital elements—has surfaced to depict the increasing hybridization of our experiences.

In the burgeoning digital experience economy, emotions are crucial in molding experiences and distinguishing between successful products and failures. Despite this, emotions in technology, product, and service design remain inadequately understood or integrated.

The Research Center in Communication Psychology aims to address these shifts by reinforcing interdisciplinary expertise and exploring the psychosocial facets of communication processes and interactions with emerging digital technologies.