Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore


Ulysses laboratories intragrate the modern ultrafast laser sources with the traditional optical spectroscopic techniques. We are currently able to investigate the non-equilibrium electron dynamics in solid-state and bilogical systems through high resolution time- and frequency-resolved optical spectroscopies.

Our facilities...


Pharos by LIght Conversion + Parametric Amplifier

  • infrared/visible wavelength tunability
  • 40 fs pulse duration
  • Rep. rate tunable from 400 kHz to single shot
  • Nireos interferometers for broadband pump-probe and 2D spectroscopy

Cavity dumped Ti:sapphire oscillator

  • 700-950 nm wavelength tunability
  • 120 fs pulse duration
  • Rep. rate tunable from 1.8 MHz to single shot
  • 60 nJ/pulse energy

White-light continuum generation through photonic fiber

  • 450-1600 nm wavelength tunability
  • pulse characterization
  • high-speed array detection for simultaneous time and frequency resolution

MenloSystems ASOPS

  • 780-1560 nm wavelength output
  • 100 MHz repetition rate
  • 120 fs pulse duration

Optical spectrum analyzer

  • 350-1750 nm wavelength range
  • 0.05 nm maximum resolution
  • -75-20 dBm measurement level range

THz generation and detection

  • 0.5-4 THz frequency range
  • ZnTe electro-optical sampling
  • pump-THz probe spectroscopy at low temperature


Time-resolved magneto-optics

  • Double lock-in configuration
  • 50 kHz Photoelastic modulator


  • 1.2 T maximum magnetic field


  • Open-cycle cryostat, 4.5 K minimal temperature
  • Closed-cycle cryostat, low vibrations, 10 K minimal temperature, equpped for low-temperature transport measurements
  • Reflectivity and transmissivity measurement configurations


Atomic Force Microscopy

  • 1 AFM microscope operating in the frequency modulation mode (FM-AFM)
  • 1 AFM microscope operating in the amplitude modulation mode (AM-AFM).

Scanning-probe Near-field Optical Microscopy

  • 1 SNOM, working simultaneously in collection mode, reflection mode and transmission mode.