Politics, Environment | Counter/Prefactuals and Trust in Science

Counterfactuals, Prefactuals, and Trust in Science

Counterfactuals, Prefactuals, and Trust in Science

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This research area investigates the psychosocial and communication factors involved in trusting science or viceversa conspiracy theories and fake news. It also investigates how triggering “If… then…” thoughts and critical thinking can influence receivers' tendency to engage in and believe in explanations not based on reliable bases. 


Research group

Mauro Bertolotti, Patrizia Catellani


Ongoing projects

Countercons - Countering Conspiracy Beliefs: The Role of Prebunking Strategies (2023-2025)

In this project we examine the psychosocial characteristics underlying the tendency to believe in false and misleading information, and identify effective communication and prevention strategies to reduce this tendency and promote critical thinking.

Funding: MIUR – Ministry of University

Comunicare la scienza. Mediazione e mediatori del sapere scientifico nella società complessa (2023-2025)

We analyse how people evaluate (true and false) information they are faced with according to the way they are presented and to recipients' differences in terms of cognitive, emotional, and motivaional factors.

Funding: University of the Sacred Heart - Line D32 2022



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