Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Gemelli Woman Health Center for Digital and Personalized Medicine (W-MINED)


In the modern era of personalization of care and the simultaneous ever-increasing digitalization of health services, gender medicine and women's health are of crucial importance. In 2019, the Italian Minister of Health formally approved the Plan for the application and diffusion of gender medicine on the national territory by signing the implementation decree related to Law 3/2018. Thanks to this law, Italy was the first country in Europe to formalize the inclusion of the concept of "gender" in medicine, which is essential to ensure that each patient receives the best care, respecting differences and arriving at an effective "personalization of therapies". The "Gemelli Woman Health Center for Digital and Personalized Medicine" (W-MINED), established in 2021, under the guidance of Prof. Stefania Boccia, aims to promote and carry out scientific activities in the field of gender medicine and women's health.


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