Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Cognitive Science and Communication research Centre (CSCC)

CSCC is an interdisciplinary research centre acting as a focal point in the scientific debate between cognitive sciences (psychology, neurosciences, linguistics, computer sciences, and cybernetics) and other social sciences (economics, sociology, law, and political sciences).

In particular the research activity carried out within CSCC deals with the following issues:

  1. COGNITIVE STRATEGIES: reception, selection, elaboration, memory and information retrieval;
  2. MENTAL CONTENTS: mental representations and images, opinions, believes, stereotypes and prejudices, behaviours;
  3. STRATEGIES and PROBLEMS RELATED TO COMMUNICATION INTERACTION: interpersonal and group relations, bargain and conflict, theories of conversation and story, mass media, persuasive influence, communication and network;
  4. SOCIAL NETWORK ANALYSIS AND BEHAVIOURAL ECONOMICS: structure and evolution of multi-layered groups and organizations, incentives and procedures in group forming and links creations.

To analyse the above mentioned issues and to diffuse the results, CSCC:

  • promotes research activities and collaborations among researchers of different disciplines;
  • promotes the collaboration between European and extra-European researchers, through workshops, meetings and stages defined by agreements with other Italian and foreign Universities and Research Centres;
  • promotes the collaboration with cultural agencies, scientific associations and firms;
  • promotes meetings, seminars, conferences and editorial initiatives.