Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Annual Lectures

8th Annual Lecture

24 May 2023

J.E. Stiglitz (Columbia University), "An economy for a just, free and prosperous society "
Festschrift "80 years of Joseph Stiglitz"


7th Annual Lecture

21 Semptember 2022

M. Weber (Booth School of Business, University of Chicago), "Heterogeneous Subjective Inflation Expectations: Memory and Beliefs"


6th Annual Lecture

14 June 2021

M.O Jackson (Stanford University), "Homophily and Sample-Based Herding in Investments"


5th Annual Lecture

7 May 2019

L. Veldkamp (Columbia University), "Data is the New Capital? Learning in the Macroeconomy"


4th Annual Lecture

19 June 2018

X. Gabaix (Harvard University), “Behavioral Macroeconomics”


3rd Annual Lecture

15 June 2017

P. Bofinger (Würzburg University Member, German Council of Economic Experts), “The Crisis of the Eurozone: What Went Wrong and What Can Be Done to Save the Euro?”


2nd Annual Lecture

31 May 2016

P. De Grauwe (London School of Economics), “The Future Governance of the Eurozone”


1st Annual Lecture

8 June 2015

J.E. Stiglitz (Columbia University), “Imagining an Economics that Works: Crisis, Contagion and the Need for a New Paradigm”