Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Interuniversity Research Centre on Local and Regional Finance (CIFREL)

Cifrel was founded in 1988 by scholars belonging to several Italian universities to conduct applied researches on local and regional government. The Centre has administrative autonomy and is physically located in the premises of the Catholic University of Milano.  Currently, the members of the Centre are the University of Turin, the University of Brescia,  the University of Ferrara and the Catholic University of Milan. Cifrel is governed by a management committee, made up by representatives of the Universities involved, and by a Director. The current Director is Massimo Bordignon, a professor of the Catholic University.

The centre produces both academic and policy oriented researches on key issues of public finance with a specific focus on multi-tiered level of government. Researchers associated to the Centre are faculty members of the four university with a keen interests in public economics and fiscal federalism. The centre has an history of close collaboration with a variety of institutions, both private and public, and had produced several reports to inform and evaluate policymaking, specifically concerning regional and local public finance in Italy and in many other countries. Beyond their activities as members of the Centre and as academic professors, Cifrel researchers are actively involved in the public debate on economic themes with their contribution disseminated through a variety of media (tv, newspapers, on-line).