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La didactisation des disciplines technologiques dans le cadre du CLIL/EMILE : les apports de la terminologie

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This paper aims at showing the role of terminology in teaching technological topics with regard to the educational patterns of the CLIL/EMILE teaching programme. We have considered terminology as an important communication tool to conceive the contents of a subject. In this paper, we will focus on terminological entries as a tool for high school students to acquire information. Starting with the terminological entry we will highlight the work on definitions. Our analysis will show that terminological entries are a fundamental instrument for CLIL/EMILE teachers to make their students work on the concepts and designations of a defined subject topic. We will conclude by analysing a term in order to define some teaching patterns that are suitable to fix terms and concepts.

Articolo in "Plaisance rivista di lingua e letteratura francese moderna e contemporanea", 29 (2013), pp. 123-131.

Autore: Patrizia Guasco

Anno: 2013