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Glossari e divulgazione della conoscenza: la terminologia dei sistemi fotovoltaici

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Recent years have witnessed an increasing debate on renewable energies, replacing fossil fuels, and the spread of information and knowledge on this subject. The use of these forms of energy is growing and its terminology includes terms that are common in institutional, political and legislative discourses, as well as more specialised terms of technical texts. On the one hand, it goes without saying that the description of the vocabulary of wind, photovoltaic, hydropower, solar thermal, etc., energies implies the reference to a physical phenomenon, to technological constructions and mechanisms, to related products. On the other hand, the designation of this field involves the administrative and legal knowledge of each country, which is different depending on the development, production, sale, distribution of these alternative energies. It proves to be interesting to observe the construction of renewable energies terminology, by taking into account its referential and descriptive features, its socio-political implications, its national and international institutional rules.

Autore: Maria Teresa Zanola

Collana: http://www.publifarum.farum.it/ezine_articles.php?art_id=159

Anno: 2009