Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Centro per lo studio della moda e della produzione culturale (MODACULT)

Director: Prof. Emanuela Mora

The Centre for the study of Fashion and Cultural Production (Modacult) is a research institute founded in 1996 within the Faculty of Political Science at the Catholic University of Milan bringing together scholars from the Department of Sociology of the same university. The Centre benefits from the collaboration of Italian and international researchers with professional experts.

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Milano Fashion Institute

Milano Fashion Institute is a interuniversity consortium for the higher education in the fashion industry founded in 2007 by three Milan universities: Università Cattolica, Politecnico di Milano e Università Bocconi, whose goal is the creation of a multi-disciplinary training center of excellence at an international level.

The new fashion paradigm

What do we need for a groundbreaking professional training?
A paradigm shift is changing the way fashion items are designed, manufactured, told and sold: transparency, traceability and the circular economy have become new cornerstones in all fashion Businesses.

Sistema QuESTIO

QuESTIO, Quality Evaluation in Science and Technology for Innovation Opportunity, is a tool developed by Regione Lombardia to promote innovation through the mapping of research and innovation centers, the Industry and the Technological Clusters.