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The new fashion paradigm

Executive & Continuous Education Course starting January 17th 2020

A paradigm shift is changing the way fashion items are designed, manufactured, told and sold: transparency, traceability and circular economy have become new cornerstones in all fashion businesses.

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Sustainability, innovation and CSR know-how are not a separate function anymore; they are increasingly embedded in all design practices and operations – engineering, sourcing, manufacturing, marketing and communication.


Designers, managers, professionals and service providers in the fashion supply chain need to extend their competencies towards the social, ethical and environmental impact, in order to lead on transparency, social justice and safe environmental innovation.

Emanuela Mora

Professor for Sociology of Communication

Director of ModaCult Research Centre at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore



This course will impart an up-to-date understanding of design and production practices, circular business models, digital technologies in the supply chain process and in the marketing and communication approaches for a culture of respect.


The course helps professionals to face everyday challenges, such as:

What are the core issues designing and producing sustainable fashion? How to develop circular business models?

How to implement digital technologies into supply chain, marketing and sustainability communication?

How to improve transparency and traceability in the supply chain and toward all the stakeholders?

How to build and valorise relationships with stakeholders as for CSR issues?


The participants will acquire knowledge and info about:

  • circular economy and sustainability principles
  • techniques and format for certification
  • opportunity and constraints of chemistry in order to fulfil the sustainability requirements.
  • Updated sources and resources on the core topics of the course
  • methods and techniques to use them, in companies, in creative design studios and in consulting and service companies.

Participants will get in touch with a wide network of people who are internationally engaged to support a transition towards sustainability in the textile and fashion industry


At the end of the course the participants will be able to carry out their own activities, according to their background expertise and education imbuing their corporate and consultancy functions with particular reference to:

  • re-thinking design practices, business models, marketing and communications strategies and stakeholder engagement in the perspective of sustainable quality
  • selecting suitable supplies and suppliers to meet the main sustainability requirements
  • looking at the manufacturing processes of the fashion supply chain companies to discover the newest technical chances to make sustainable products and design a reality.





People willing to contribute towards a wider change in social and environmental practices, to build an industry that respects people and protects the environment.


Professionals wanting to make the difference for their companies, believing that innovation can act as a catalyst to improve communities and society at large.


Thanks to an innovative double formula, the course addresses two kind of trainees:

  • young professionals looking for a content and experiential training on the impact of sustainability on the entire production chain and in the different company departments
  • professionals of different company department, and self-employed consultants including buyers and communication managers, who look for an updated and cutting edge training on the sustainability implications for any of the company processes.



Blended training with lectures, conversations with testimonials, case studies, company visits, workshops.

Additional to the training programme, three invited talks of outstanding speakers about the new frontiers in the fashion’s transition to transparency and sustainability.

Training materials will be supplied in digital format.

A tutor will assist participants.


Language: English



Complete:14 days of course in 16 days

Weekends: 6 days of course over the week ends


3 extra invited talks with outstanding representatives of fashion industry and sustainability experts. Each Thursday late afternoon are included for all the participants.



Emanuela Mora, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore



Orsola De Castro, Fashion Revolution

Aurora Magni, Blumine

Silvia Mazzucotelli Salice, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Marco Ricchetti, Blumine

Filippo Ricci, Reclaim To Wear



Registration deadline: 9th January, 2020.

Cost for the complete formula: € 2,000.00 (+ VAT 22%)

Cost for the weekend formula: € 1,200.00 (+ VAT 22%)

The cost includes lessons, conversations, company visits with transport, conferences and digital teaching material.

The cost does not include food, lodging and transport to reach the course location.

The course in the complete formula will take place from 1st January to 1st February 2020 and in the weekend formula (on Friday and Saturday) on days: January 17, 18, 24, 25, 31 and February 1st at the Università Catttolica Campus with the exception of company visits.

Registrations online



Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore will issue a certificate of attendance to all those who will follow 70% of the chosen program (4 days for the weekend formula; 10 days for the complete formula).

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