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Social and Cultural Features of Fashion Design in Milan

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The profession of fashion designer varies among the main fashion cities, and therefore has an eminently geographical rationale. Different conceptions of vestimentary creativity are usually tied to the affiliation of the creator with one of the fashion capitals. In this article, the main variables determining the specific features of how the profession is exercised in one city or another are illustrated. The case of Milan is then considered, in order to describe distinctive aspects of the profession of local fashion designers. The discussion is not based on information pertaining to the most successful designers, since it is not the most famous cases that furnish reliable information on the profession. Rather, it draws on twenty-one in-depth interviews with “ordinary” fashion designers conducted as part of an empirical research project carried out over recent years. It concludes that Milanese designers cultivate a “culture of wearability” based on an array of values including respect for the body, creative prudence, attention to the consumer’s needs, conservatism, and business profit. In such a culture priority is given, not so much to radical innovation and visual aesthetic quality, as to incremental innovation and functionality with respect to the use made of garments in everyday life.

Autore: Volonté, P.

Collana: Fashion Theory: the Journal of Dress, Body & Culture

Anno: 2012