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Pubblicazioni del CRATOS

Anno 2019

  • Bellandi V., Ceravolo P., Damiani E., Tacchini E., "Designing a Recommender System for Touristic Activities in a Big Data as a Service Platform". In: Esposito A., Esposito A., Jain L. (eds) Innovations in Big Data Mining and Embedded Knowledge. Intelligent Systems Reference Library, vol 159. Springer, Cham, 2019

Anno 2018

  • Bernazzani, R., Cantoni, F., Piva, M., “The future role of machine learning in hr development”, in Cantoni, F., Mangia, G. (ed.), Human Resource Management and Digitalization, Routledge, London 2018, 141- 150, ISBN: 978-1-138-31335-4 (Routledge) - ISBN: 978-88-921-1425-8 (Giappichelli)
  • Della Vedova, M. L., Tacchini, E., Moret, S., Ballarin G., DiPierro, M., & de Alfaro, L. "Automatic online fake news detectioncombining content and social signals". In 2018 22nd Conference of Open Innovations Association (FRUCT) (pp. 272-279). IEEE, 2018.

Anno 2017

  • R. Bernazzani, F. Cantoni, M. Piva, E. Tacchini, "Could “machine learning” overtake managerial decision in HRM? Realistic scenarios and critical considerations applied to HR Development", WOA 2017 Proceedings
  • Tacchini E., Ballarin G., Della Vedova Marco L. , Moret S. and De Alfaro L., "Some Like it Hoax: Automated Fake News Detection in Social Networks", in SoGood workshop at the ECML/PKDD Conference, Sept. 2017, Skopje, Macedonia, CEUR Workshop Proceedings, Volume 1960, 2017. ISSN: 16130073

Anno 2016

  • R. Bernazzani, I. Dioli, P. Rizzi, G. Zanrei, "Non (solo) per gioco. Creatività, cultura, innovazione, imprenditoria", Rapporto di ricerca nell'ambito del progetto "Urban Hub Piacenza"
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  • F. Cantoni, L. Toffolon, “Trying to “Stay one step ahead of the game”. How to manage a global workforce
and play early on Environmental uncertainty”, Quaderno di Dipartimento Scienze Economiche e Sociali, n. 121/dicembre 2016, Vita & Pensiero, ISBN 978-88-343-3335-8

Anno 2015

  • Ortega-Argilés, R. - Piva, M. - Vivarelli, M. (2015), The Productivity Impact of R&D Investment: Are High-tech Sectors Still Ahead?, Economics of Innovation and New Technology, 24, 204-222.
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  • Tacchini, E., Morros, R., Vilaplana, V., & Sañoso, E. (2015). Do you have a Pop face? Here is a Pop song. Using profile pictures to mitigate the cold-start problem in Music Recommender Systems. ACM International Conference on Recommender System, 2015.
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Anno 2014

  • F. Cantoni, A. Zardini, C. Rossignoli, “The Psychological Contract as an Integrative Governance Instrument of the Legal Outsourcing Contract”, in Information Systems, Management, Organization and Control, Series: Lecture Notes in Information Systems and Organisation, Vol. 6, 191-203, 2014, ISBN 978-3-319-07904-2
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  • Pellegrino, G. - Piva, M. (2014), Do innovative inputs lead to different innovative outputs in mature and young firms? Quaderno di Dipartimento DISES WP.97, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Piacenza.

Anno 2013

  • F. Cantoni, C. Rossignoli, “In the Face of Customers’ Changing Behaviour, Should Italian Banks’ Approach to Online Trading Remain the Same?”, in Organizational Change and Information Systems, Springer Series: Lecture Notes in Information Systems and Organisation, Vol. 2, 2013, pg. 21-31, ISBN: 978-3-642-37227-8
  • C. Rossignoli, A. Zardini, F. Cantoni, When Customer Behaviours Change, Should Banks? Approaches to Online Trading Stay the Same?, Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce, ISSN: 1204-5357, 2013, 18, 2

Anno 2012

  • Iammarino, S. - Piva, M. - Vivarelli, M. - von Tunzelmann, N. (2012), Technological Capabilities and Patterns of Innovative Cooperation of Firms in the UK Regions, Regional Studies, 46, 1283-1301.

Anno 2011

  • “Feasibility and efficacy of an international e-learning course on how to teach Evidence-based Medicine in clinical practice” a pilot study in 6 European countries.
    T. Weberschock, G. Zanrei et al.

Anno 2010

  • “How can we teach Evidence Based Medicine in practice” Barriers to on-the-job EBM teaching. - Medical Teacher
    O. Rengerink, G. Zanrei et al.

Anno 2008

  • “Harmonising Evidence-based medicine teaching: a study of the outcomes of e-learning in five European countries” - BMC Medical Education 2008, 8:27doi:10.1186/1472-6920-8-27
    R. Kulier, G. Zanrei et al.
  • “Selected Readings on Global Information Technology: Contemporary Applications”. Idea Group, Inc,  August 2008.
    H. Rahman, E. Murelli et al.
  • “Advances in Knowledge Communities and Social Networks (AKCSN)”, Idea Group, Inc, in press forecast in November 2008.
    H. Rahman, E. Murelli et al.

Anno 2007

  • “ERMHAN: A multi-channel context-aware platform to support mobile caregivers in continuous care networks”, ICPS SIPE Workshop proceedings
    F. Paganelli, E. Spinicci, A. Mamelli, R. Bernazzani, P. Barone
  • Utilizzo di Moodle nell’ambito del progetto “EU-EBM Unity” – Case Study – Software libero e ambienti per l’apprendimento: un’opportunità per il mondo dell’educazione italiana, Quaderni di documentazione dell’Istituto Pedagogico di Bolzano, Edizioni Junior Luglio, 2007
    G. Zanrei
  • "Augmented itineraries: Mobile services differentiating what museum has to offer" - PsychNology Journal (ISSN 1720-7525) - PsychNology Journal, 2007 -Volume 4, Number 3, 311 – 335 -M. C. Brugnoli, F. Morabito, G. Bo and E. Murelli  

Anno 2006

  • “ERMHAN: Una piattaforma multicanale per il supporto collaborativo a operatori sanitari mobili”, Atti 7° congresso AITIM (Associazione Italiana di Telemedicina e Informatica Medica)
    R. Bernazzani, F. Paganelli, A. Mamelli, D. Chini
  • “Un sistema mobile a supporto degli operatori socio-sanitari nell’erogazione di servizi di home care: Il progetto “KAMER””, Atti 7° congresso AITIM (Associazione Italiana di Telemedicina e Informatica Medica)
    R. Bernazzani, G. Bianchi, G. Da Bormida, F. Paganelli
  • “ECML: a European Prospective on media literacy”, conference IPBS 2006, 7-8th July 2006 Piacenza, Italy
    C. Alborghetti, E. Murelli

Anno 2005

  • “Empowering Marginal Communities with Information Networking”, Idea Group, Inc, April 2005
    H. Rahman, E. Murelli et al.
  • “e-Health & Learning: Health Informatics training Courses for practitioners in Bangladesh (e-HL-HIC), MEDNET 2005 Conference and published on special issue of "Technology and Health Care"
    E. Murelli, R. Bernazzani, G. Zanrei et al.
  • “Il progetto “e-Health & Learning: Health Informatics training Courses for practitioners in Bangladesh (e-HL-HIC)”: corsi di formazione in Informatica Medica per operatori sanitari in Bangladesh”, Atti 6° congresso AITIM (Associazione Italiana di Telemedicina e Informatica Medica)
    R. Bernazzani, E. Murelli, G. Zanrei, T. N. Arvanitis, A. J. Gibb, K. Bernstein, A. K. Mia, K. A. Bhuiyan

Anno 2004

  • “An Open Abstract Framework for Modeling Interoperability of Mobile Learning Services: developing the MOBIlearn architecture” , IASTED Conference, Hawaii 14-17 August 2004
    G. Da Bormida, E. Murelli
  • “MOBIlearn User Trials on Museum Scenario: the first results of preparatory work”, MLERAN2004, ROME 5-6 JULY 2004
    E. Murelli, G. Da Bormida
  • “An Open Abstract Framework for Modeling Interoperability of Mobile Learning Services: developing the MOBIlearn architecture” – IASTED 2004 Conference
    G. Da Bormida, E. Murelli
  • “MOBIlearn User Trials on Museum Scenario: the first results of preparatory work” – MLEARN2004 Conference
    E. Murelli, G. Da Bormida

Anno 2003

  • “Breaking the Digital Divide: Implications for Developing Countries” - Stylus Publishing, February 2003
    E. Murelli, Foreward by Rogers Okot-Uma
  • “e-Health & Learning: the Bangladesh experience” -  MEDNET2003 Conference, Geneva 4-7 December 2003
    E.Murelli, T. Arvanitis
  • “Establishing user requirements for a mobile learning environment” – EURESCOM October 2003
    Helen Sharp, Josie Taylor, Andreas Löber, Dirk Frohberg, Daisy Mwanza, E. Murelli
  • “La trasformazione del mondo in un villaggio globale e tecnologico” – Agorà – article to be published in the next months according to the monthly topic of the review.
    E. Murelli
  • “Valorizzare il nostro territorio con investimenti nella ricerca” – Agorà, May 2003
    E. Murelli

Anno 2002

  • “Infopoverty 2: nasce una nuova strategia internazionale per combattere il digital divide” – December 2002
    E. Murelli
  • “Piattaforme di comunicazione e gestione per l’e-learning” - AITIM Conference, Firenze, 29 October 2002.
    R. Bernazzani, E. Murelli
  • “Il Programma Sanitario della Popolazione in Bangladesh: dalla teoria alla pratica” - Corriere dell’Università, 21 June 2002 and also published on a local newspaper in Bangladesh
    G. K. Sanyal, E. Murelli

Anno 2000

  • “Systemic Knowledge Management in Learning Organizations: Managing Intangible Assets to Obtain Business Improvements”, Proceeding AIWIS (Austrian/Italian Workshop on Information System) - Vienna 2 July 2000
    F. Cantoni, E. Murelli
  • “Internet a new medium for developing countries in the educational field” - Proceeding IFIP WG 9.4 Conference 2000, CapeTown 24-26 May 2000
    E. Murelli, L. Delgrossi