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The CHEI Doctoral Programme is focused exclusively on the Internationalisation of Higher Education and is offered in English. It is aimed primarily, though not exclusively, at professionals in the field of international higher education who typically continue their careers whilst undertaking their studies. It brings together an international and diverse cohort of participants in residential periods and via electronic media to learn from each other’s knowledge and insights, and seeks to develop “the reflective professional” through a unique combination of academic research and practitioner knowledge. 

The programme has developed a distinctive identity within the framework of the national regulations that govern doctoral studies at the School of Education and the School of Linguistic Sciences and Foreign Literatures at Università Cattolica. It sits within these two schools and, depending on their topic, applicants are advised which school to apply to.

Although academics from the schools contribute to the CHEI programme, most supervision and tuition is provided by the wide international network that the Centre has built up over the years.

The regulations for doctoral schools in Italy are largely set by the Ministry of Education. Depending on circumstances, there are two main types of programme that can be applied for: the regular PhD programme and the executive programme.

PhD Programme

The regular CHEI PhD programme must be completed within three years of enrolment (from 1 November of the first year to 31 October of the third year) and leave of absence may be granted only under exceptional circumstances. These rules are dictated by regulations set down by the Italian Ministry of Education. Undertaking doctoral studies alongside full-time employment therefore requires careful preparation and a strong commitment to the programme.

Executive PhD Programme

If you have a long-term employment contract, you may be eligible to apply for an executive PhD programme. Certain restrictions are in place so you should contact the Centre to be sure whether you would be eligible for an executive programme.

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