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Erasmus+ IMPALA Project

IMPALA: Assessing Impact in Latin American Universities


Special Recognition - October 2020

The IMPALA project has been recognised by the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI) as one of the best internationalisation practices in Ibero-American universities. The evaluation was carried out by a panel of experts who reviewed 83 experiences undertaken in 59 universities from 14 countries.


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Havana, June 2019

This workshop was held in La Havana 18-19 June, led by CHEI's Associate Director, Fiona Hunter together with colleague Rafa Monterde from Valencia Polytechnic.

The participants learnt a process for impact management and sought to apply it to the third mission activities in their own institutions. They are keen to understand how their universities are impacting their local communities. 

About the project

An Erasmus+ capacity building project involving nine countries and 19 partners located in Europe, 

Cuba, Panama and Colombia, IMPALA aims to improve quality of higher education in Latin American institutions by fostering an impact-driven culture and improving their responsiveness to needs in their local environment.

The project kicked off in February 2019 with a meeting of the partners in Bogota, and will take three years to complete. The outcomes will include the design and implementation of an impact assessment tool that complements existing QA mechanisms already in use. A number of publications will come out of the project and will be made available both in print and online to ensure wider dissemination of the framework tool.

CHEI is one of the six European partners.