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John K. Hudzik and Francisco Marmolejo: 2018-2019 NAFSA Senior Fellows

 14 May 2018

We are proud to announce that John K. Hudzik, Chair of the Centre’s Scientific Committee, and Francisco Marmolejo, Scientific Committee member, are among the five NAFSA Senior Fellows for 2018-2019. They have been selected in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the internationalisation of higher education and the development of global ties. Their work for NAFSA during the year will focus on the theme: “The Global Flattening of Higher Education: Implications for Higher Education Internationalization.”

John K. Hudzik, professor at Michigan State University, has been NAFSA Senior Scholar for Internationalization since 2014 and he serves as chair of the NAFSA Senior Fellows for Internationalization.

Francisco Marmolejo is Lead in Tertiary Education at the World Bank and he has also been lead education specialist for India since 2016.