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ACA keynote speech: quality in international university partnerships

 17 October 2017

Fiona Hunter, CHEI Associate Director, was one of the keynote speakers at the Academic Cooperation Association (ACA) seminar on 13 October in Brussels on Quality in international university partnerships. There was also much discussion around the concept of strategic partnerships and Fiona argued that while not every university will choose to develop strategic partnerships, it pays for every university to be strategic about partnership development. This means considering what the role of partnership should be in the university's international endeavours, what activities can be enhanced through international collaboration, and how these partnerships will be supported and resourced. 

She also added that while a strategic approach to partnerships can bring significant benefits to the university itself, if the university is true to its academic values, it will also be strategic in how the outcomes of these international partnerships can reach a larger higher education community and create impact in society.