Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

New publication Steps towards Internationalisation at Home edited by Amanda Murphy

 28 July 2022

In Steps towards Internationalization at Home domestic educational experiences take centre stage, offering evidence of ways to include international and intercultural perspectives in study programmes ‘at home’. After an introductory chapter by Professor Betty Leask (Emerita, La Trobe University, CHEI Founding Scholar) which lays out the book’s underlying principles, a variety of perspectives are offered by the authors, including student expectations on an English-taught programme in Psychology, and reflections by a team of English lecturers on how curriculum internationalization can be made sustainable. Virtual exchange integrated into English language courses is also discussed, drawing on pre- and post-student questionnaires. Collaborative online international learning projects are shown to include significant teaching and learning gains, such as collaborative learning, intercultural awareness, and improved oral speaking skills. The volume closes with reflections by Professors Catherine Montgomery (Durham, CHEI) and Amanda Murphy (UCSC, CHEI) on the case studies and on their relevance for future directions.