Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

2022 Research Seminars

Two Research Training Seminars are scheduled for 2022. The Spring Seminar took place 28 March-1 April in Brescia and the Autumn Seminar will be held 26-30 September in Milan.

Both seminars are planned as in-person events.


Autumn Research Training Seminar

26-30 September 2022 




The Autumn 2022 Research Training Seminar on the internationalisation of higher education will be held at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan Campus.


The programme and details of the academic team will be published early July.


Fees for attendance at the seminar are fixed at EUR 650. Fees also include our Seminar Dinner and refreshments during the breaks.

Enrolment and payment

Enrolments will be opened early July.

Brief bio

Participants are asked to submit a brief bio and headshot before the seminar. See instructions here.

Travelling to Milan

The university campus is in the centre of Milan. See details here for travelling from the surrounding airports and around Milan.


There are various hotels near the campus, e.g. B&B Hotel Milan Sant'Ambrogio, Via degli Olivetani 4. Accommodation options are also available online through sites such as www.booking.com and Airbnb. 




Spring Research Training Seminar

28 March - 1 April 2022




The Spring 2022 Research Training Seminar on the internationalisation of higher education took place at the Centro Paolo VI, Via Gezio Calini 30, Brescia.


The Programme is available here.