Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore



24 October 2017, 11.30-13.00. Alesandro Caiani, Università degli Studi di Pavia. Title: Policy Analysis in a Multi-Country Agent Based-Stock Flow Consistent Model of a Monetary Union. Vebue: Largo Gemelli 1, Milano. Room TBA. 

6 June 2017, 11:30-13.00. Mikhail Anufriev, University of Technology Sydney. Title: A model of network formation for the overnight interbank market. Venue: Largo Gemelli 1, Milano. Room G151.

30 May 2017, 11:30-13.00. Pietro Dindo, Università Ca' Foscari Venezia. Title: The Wisdom of the Crowd Revisited. Venue: Largo Gemelli 1, Milano. Room G151.

​2 May 2017, 11:30-13.00. Alberto Russo, Università Politecnica delle Marche. Title: Does inequality hamper innovation and growth? Venue: Largo Gemelli 1, Milano. Room G053.

28 March 2017, 11:30-13.00. Martin Guzman, Columbia University. Title: Pseudo-wealth Fluctuations and Aggregate Demand Effects. Venue: Via Carducci, 28/30, Milano. Room C211.

3 February 2017, 11:30-13.00. Fabio Ghironi, University of Washington. Title: Trade, Unemployment, and Monetary Policy. Venue: Largo Gemelli 1, Milano. Room G001.

14 December 2016, 11:30-13:00. Thomas Fischer, Lund University. Title: A tractable model of wealth inequality and mobility. Venue: Largo Gemelli 1, Milano. Room G151.

10 November 2016, 10.30 - 12.00. Willi Semmler, The New School, New York, Title: Debt deflation, financial market stress and regime change – Evidence from Europe using MRVAR. Venue: Via Sant'Agnese 2, Milano. Room SA223.


12 April 2016, 12:00-13:30. Fernando Vega-Redondo, Bocconi University. Title: Production Networks. Venue: Largo Gemelli 1, Milano. Room G151.

22 March 2016, 11:30-13:00. Paolo Pin, Bocconi University. Title: The effect of externalities aggregation on network games outcomes. Venue: Largo Gemelli 1, Milano. Room G151.

4 March 2016, 12:00-13:30. Marco Galbiati, Bank of England. Title: An introduction to interbank payment systems with an application of network theory. Venue: Largo Gemelli 1, Milano. Room G151.

9 February 2016, 11:30-13:00. Camille Cornand, CNRS GATE. Title: The predominant role of signal precision in experimental beauty contest. Venue: Largo Gemelli 1, Milano. Room G151.

17 November 2015, 11:30-13:00. Michele Berardi, University of Manchester, Title: Asset prices, fundamental values and learning.  Venue: Via Carducci 28/30, Milano. Room C211.