Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore


A Collaborative Programming and Outreach Model for International Student Support Offices

Article by CHEI PhD student Ravi Ammigan, co-authored with Peter Briggs and published in the peer-reviewed Journal of International Students (Volume 7 Issue 4, 2017).

Internationalization in Higher Education Series (Routledge)

This series by Routledge is edited by CHEI Scientific Committee member and Honorary Visiting Fellow, Elspeth Jones. It deals with key topics within internationalisation of higher education with contributions from leading thinkers in this area, including CHEI Scientific Committee members Betty Leask, John K. Hudzik and Christopher Ziguras.  

Intercultural Interventions in Study Abroad
Edited by Jane Jackson, Susan Oguro
Routledge, 2017

Intercultural Competence in Higher Education: International Approaches, Assessment and Application
Edited by Darla K. Deardoff, Lily A. Arasaratnam-Smith
Routledge, 2017

The Globalization of Internationalization: Emerging Voices and Perspectives 
Edited by Hans de Wit, Jocelyne Gacel-Avila, Elspeth Jones, Nico Jooste
Routledge, 2017

Internationalizing the Curriculum by Betty Leask
Routledge, 2015

Comprehensive Internationalization by John K. Hudzik
Routledge, 2015

Governing Cross-Border Higher Education by Christopher Ziguras and Grant McBurnie
Routledge, 2014


Internationalisation of Higher Education: a global study commissioned by the European Parliament   

This European Parliament study was co-authored by the Centre for Higher Education Internationalisation (CHEI), the International Association of Universities (IAU) and the European Association for International Education (EAIE). It is an analysis of the current state of internationalisation of higher education and includes reports on ten European countries plus seven countries outside Europe. It draws a picture of the future HE internationalisation in Europe, by identifying key trends.  

First published in July 2015 in English, it is also available in Italian, French and German.

See the publication here.


Critical Perspectives on Internationalising the Curriculum in Disciplines
Reflective Narrative Accounts from Business, Education and Health

Edited by Wendy Green and Craig Whitsed 
Sense Publishers, 2015

Wendy Green was a Visiting Scholar at the Centre for Higher Education Internationalisation (CHEI) in 2013.

An Introduction to Higher Education Internationalisation

Edited by Hans de Wit
Vita e Pensiero, March 2013

This volume provides an introduction to key issues in higher education internationalisation in three parts. The first part deals with internationalisation meaning and rationales; the second part deals with internationalisation of the curriculum; and in a final chapter Università Cattolica's state of internationalisation is explored.

Hans de Wit was the founding Director of the Centre for Higher Education Internationalisation (CHEI). He was Director of the Centre until 2015 and has been a member of the Scientific Board since then.