Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore


The CHEI Doctoral Programme  

With the development of higher education internationalisation as a priority for institutions around the world, the demand for expert training and research in the field has increased over the last decade. CHEI's doctoral programme is directed at aspiring researchers and professionals in higher education internationalisation and focusses exclusively on internationalisation of higher education. It is a three-year programme normally preceded by a preparatory year of study. 

Candidates will satisfy the requirements of the programme by undertaking a substantial research project and writing a dissertation. It is primarily a distance doctoral programme: most candidates will continue to work in their home countries whilst undertaking the programme and will participate in two four-day CHEI research training seminars each year to support the development of their research skills, attend guest lectures and connect with other researchers and professionals to discuss their mutual research.

The formal admission process is undertaken annually, usually over the second and third quarter, depending on the dates and deadlines of the annual call for applicants for doctoral places at Università Cattolica. The doctoral programme starts in November.

Prospective candidates are encouraged to attend the CHEI research training seminars to assist in the preparation of their proposal. The network created through the seminars will support candidates during the programme and help to connect them with others working in related areas of research. 

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