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Internationalising the higher education classroom and the use of English-medium instruction

New modules are programmed for April and May-June 2017. 

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As part of an overall move towards the internationalisation of higher education, academic staff are increasingly required to play their part by delivering courses to international classes. This broad development is leading to a growing demand for support in developing  skills and strategies for internationalising the classroom, which may require re-designing and delivering courses in English.

The mission of Università Cattolica’s Centre for Higher Education Internationalisation includes undertaking specific activities directed towards supporting university internationalisation. After a successful symposium on the subject of English-Medium Instruction in Higher Education held in May 2016, the Centre is now offering a module designed specifically for the development of strategies and tools to be used to internationalise the classroom.

The module is delivered by highly-qualified professional academic staff who lead a small cohort in critical reflection and analysis of the latest developments in effective teaching in the international classroom, including English-medium instruction. At the same time participants are given the opportunity to put newly acquired strategies into practice. The first modules held in 2016 were extremely well received and dates are regularly published for new modules.

The next modules are programmed for April and May-June 2017.